Getting to grips with company mobile budgeting

Streamlined mobile contracts offer huge savings and budget control for the Chamber for Bedfordshire and Luton.

The Chamber for Bedfordshire and Luton: leaner mobile strategies offer budget control
With mobile communications so essential in business, management of contracts can eat into your time. Many organisations simply find telecoms arrangements too much of a hassle to focus on, preferring convenient – but expensive – long term contracts.
Unpredictable spend and mobile management were painful issues for the Chamber for Bedfordshire and Luton before they contacted PGL.
The organisation’s hard-working Head of Finance was under increasing pressure to undertake bills analysis and examine cost-effectiveness – and was consequently faced with having to deal with contracts of various types and heavy bills resulting from many calls from mobiles to the office.
But PGL analysed mobile use across the organisation, moved all users to a single plan with Orange on a fixed bill and inclusive minutes plan. We arranged the ‘porting’ process, new phones and Bluetooth functionality, and even call diverts to the CEO’s car phone so he was never out of touch.
We monitor ongoing mobile use for the Chamber and carry out reviews of their contracts to achieve even greater economies; in addition – we’re now looking at the organisation’s landline usage, aiming to achieve even greater savings.
For the Chamber, streamlined telecomms budgeting and management frees up time for more essential tasks and services to business; the Head of Finance can now also devolve telephone budget control to other managers with confidence.
PGL – offering you control and convenience in telecoms, while saving you time, effort and money.


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