Hosted Desktop

Imagine a world where you can work when and where you like? Where you can share data with staff and customers no matter where they are.

Imagine a world where you can’t get any work done because you have to with for an ‘IT guy’ to come and fix your computer.

Imagine never having to buy or upgrade your Microsoft Office again.

Hosted Desktop from pgl com can make this all possible.

So, how does Hosted Desktop  work?

We host all of your emails, data and IT software on servers in secure data centres whilst you connect remotely online wherever you are. We then create a virtual desktop where you can work, share data and update your calendar knowing that everything is saftely protected by our Anti-Virus and Ant-Spam software.

You can also ask us to add your own software packages so that you have a truly flexible and adaptable service that meets all your needs.

All of this for a low monthly fee per user.

Hosted Desktop really can save you money. Many businesses save up to 50% off their total IT spend, and when you take in to account…

  • Reduced travel
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced office space
  • Flexibility to work wherever you are
  • Minimised capital investment

                                                                       …THE DECISION COULDN’T BE SIMPLER!