Non-geographic numbers

Non-geographic numbers have become an indispensable business tool. For relocating businesses, retaining your phone number can be problematic, and call diversion an added layer of complication.
Using a non-geographic number offers you control; the number is always yours wherever your location, and, as numbers aren’t fixed to telephone lines, they are ideal for a mobile workforce. Non-geographic numbers can be directed straight to mobile phones, so your staff are never out of contact.
Use of non-geographic numbers can be an integral part of your company image; they imply size and stature. Dedicated response lines for specific marketing campaigns are a customer-focussed way to deal with response.
In this way, non-geographic numbers can also act as an income generator.
Working with national line providers, pgl com provides 0800 (call free), 0845 (lowcal rate), 0870 (national rate) and 0871 (income generating) numbers for you to manage in a simple, non-technical environment, enabling better quality customer contact.