What is FeaturePlus?

FeaturePlus is a hosted telephony system ideally suited to small & medium businesses, branch offices and mobile workers.

The service is feature rich and has an emphasis on control and administration, allowing you to configure the system exactly to your business’s requirements (even if these requirements frequently change).

With this versatility you can manage your business more effectively by ensuring you never miss a call, at a price you can afford and without having to buy an expensive PBX.

The benefits of FeaturePlus

Through having complete on-line control of the service and its features – such as call forwarding, call transfer and voicemail-to-email – a user can ensure that, no matter what they are doing and wherever they are, they will never lose a call.

Other benefits of switching your customers to the service include:

  • More efficient call handling with features like attended and unattended call transfer
  • You can keep your number, reducing your cost of change*
  • Lower cost calls for all call types
  • Free calls between to your other FeaturePlus numbers within your business
  • Reduced line rentals
  • Plug and play hardware with a user friendly, intuitive ‘On screen’ system

*Depending on who the current provider is

How does it work?


FeaturePlus can be used with either analogue phones or IP Phones. The hardware comes pre-configured from PGL COM and is delivered and ready to use in a matter of days, not weeks. The ‘On Screen’ interface opens up access into a brand new world where you are in control of what happens to your telephone calls – be it handling inbound calls or managing how calls are made.

Calls are routed over a broadband connection, so you will benefit from lower calling costs. Couple this with FREE site to site calls and reduced line rentals and you will see a reduction of your telephone bills and yet experience improved functionality with your service.