Business Start-Up Solutions

If you are considering starting up a new business, you need to consider a number of factors to ensure the best chance of success.

As well as your product or service, what to call your business and what sort of structure it will have you will also need to think about the way you are going to communicate with your customers. This may include a website, email and telephones both in the office and mobile. You will also need to think about what kind of technology you are going to need such as computers, software, telephones etc

This is where pgl com can help you out. We have a Business Start-Up solution that could provide you with all your technology needs for a single monthly fee. Not only will this allow you to budget more effectively but it will reduce the need for you to invest a large amount of money at a time when cashflow is probably non-existent.

 pgl com can provide you with

  • Laptop and/ or PC
  • Latest Windows Operating Systems and Desktop solutions
  • UKlandline solution with either a geographic or non-geographic number
  • Mobile Telephony including mobile data